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Bishop Creighton Academy

Are your feet as big as this?!

A gigantic footprint appeared in the classroom...who does it belong to?

Continuing with our dinosaur theme, a very large footprint has appeared in the classroom which measures a whopping 1.5m! After putting our own feet next to it and that of the adults in the classroom and discovering that it is much larger than ours, we have come to the conclusion that it must belong to a dinosaur!! Maybe it belongs to Pip, the mummy of our baby dinosaur that hatched last week?

The children have had great fun measuring how many of their footsteps it takes to walk the length of the gigantic footprint. For most children it was 11-12 footsteps. While exploring the footprint outside, Serena decided to use the stilts to walk the length of the footprint. With a little help balancing she managed to count 16 footsteps! "That's more than my footsteps, but the stilts are smaller than my feet so it will be more" she said.