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Bishop Creighton Academy

Sports Day 2017

On Monday the 3rd of July the whole school participated in Sports Day!
On Monday the 3rd of July Bishop Creighton took part in Sports Day. For an entire day, sport was celebrated across the academy and everyone joined in! 
To start the day off children spent a session in their classrooms learning about the importance of exercise and sport and what a healthy lifestyle is. Year 2 learnt about the importance of sleep whilst Year 5 looked at the impact of exercise on the body and created fact files! At 10:00am it was time to get moving!
The entire school made their way to the playground and each class went to a different station, in which they would have 15 minutes to practice that activity. The stations they visited were; aerobics in the hall, the YDP inflatable dartboard, hockey skills, Javeline, target throw, throwing and catching (tennis skills, penalty shootout (one of the favourites!) and obviously a rest station for rehydrate with water and fruit! Every class visited each station, with music playing in the bacground, the atmosphere was fantastic! All of the staff got involved too and the children loved the penalty shootout when the teachers went in goal! 
After a busy morning of a range of sports it was time for lunch! Families arrived with picnic supplies and sat on the field with their children to have lunch, the field was filled with families, it was fantastic! After lunch, it was time for the track events! The classess were seated and Reception were up first! Each child had 2 races, some of these included: sprints, beanbag shuttle, skipping, hockey dribble and egg and spoon! The crowd cheered all afternoon! After all the child races were finished, the parents had a go as well as the teachers! It was a fantastic day and everyone seemed to really enjoy it! Great to see the whole school taking part in sport, lots of sweat and smiles!