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Bishop Creighton Academy

YDP Lincs Cup

The BCA football team travelled to Deeping Rangers Football Club to compete in YDP's Football Tournament! 
Today the football team travelled to Deeping Rangers Football Club to compete against 7 other schools in YDP's first Lincs cup! 
For the first game we played Linchfield A (the overall winners), we were very nervous and after conceding an early goal began to panic. BCA gave a penalty away, so the score was now 2-0. Despite Arturs making some fantastic saves in goal, a last minute goal ended the game as 3-0 to Linchfield A. However, we came off knowing what we needed to do in the next game to improve our performance. After a couple of rest games we were back on and ready to get a goal. The boys played brilliantly, they were holding their positions and communicating with each other, much better than in the previous game! Vesel scored 2 brillian goals and Harry got a third, ending the game 3-0 to BCA. For our last game of the group stages, the boys knew if they won this game we;d go through to the semi final for the cup. Despite a brilliant performance, the boys lost 1-0. 
The results were in and we had finished in third place for the group stage. As a result, we were now playing for the plate! We played the first game against Newark Hill. Accurate passing and good teamwork led us to a 1-0 victory. With one game left to play, we needed to beat Linchfield B to win the plate. The boys were tired but carried on, they were very unlucky and conceded a goal within the first couple of minutes. Pushing back, and tackling hard paid off, with a goal to equalise. Unfortunately within seconds, Linchfield B scored again, 2-1 to them. By this point, the boys were tiring and a throw in led to a third goal for Linchfield, a couple of saved shots weren't enought to save us this time and the game finished 3-1 to Linchfield B. 
Fantastic effort from the team today, they put so much effort into their matches and they know what they need to work on to improve next time! We're already talking tactics for the next tournament! Well done BCA!