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Bishop Creighton Academy

Sway away!

Sway has been embraced across the academy by staff and pupils alike. We use Sway as a presentation tool both within professional development sessions and in assemblies. (See examples Walk to School Week Staff Training) . Senior leaders early use of Sway enabled other teachers and pupils to be familiar with Sway prior to using themselves. We use Sway to create our whole academy newsletter – this has allowed us to add links to other online resources for ease of access for parents and include interactive content such as photograph stacks or embedded tweets. Use of Sway also provides opportunity to view analytics data to see if content has been accessed. The next step will be to introduce our parents to Immersive reader so the newsletter can be quickly translated into different languages.

Our pupils use Sway confidently - for a tool to present their learning on subjects which can easily be shared with classmates via Teams links. Because it is so straightforward and simple to use, the children spend more time on creating high quality content as opposed to fiddling with transitions and backgrounds, again maximising learning time. Pupils regularly use Sway to present and share home learning.