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Bishop Creighton Academy

Reconnection Statement

At Bishop Creighton Academy, we recognise that our pupils:
  • need time to “reconnect” - to each other, to trusted adults in their world, to their learning, to our environment & their wider world
  • do not need to be rushed to ‘catch up’ or ‘recover’ – they do not need the additional pressure of being told they have ‘fallen behind’. We will choose our language carefully
  • have been learning throughout lock down, we place great value on what our pupils learnt in lock down that we don't yet know about
  • have a right to a great education so that they are prepared for their future lives
During our Summer of Reconnection we will:
  • place trust in our leaders to do their job as that’s what they do best; planning to meet the needs of our academy community
  • place trust in our teachers who know our pupils best – allow them time to diagnose and address gaps in pupil’s knowledge and understanding
  • shift the emphasis in our curriculum to provide opportunities for outdoor learning wherever possible; allowing our pupils to reconnect with each other and nature; to secure both good physical and mental health
  • keep our focus on providing the very highest quality learning experiences

We acknowledge the importance and impact of Sir Kevan Collins “5 groups” and will consider how best we can support need:
  1. Bounce-backers – those who are raring to go/need watching for signs of burnout
  2. Lean In – those for whom we need to adjust our provision slightly, taking a “lean in” approach
  3. Intensive support – we all know who they are
  4. Less time to learn – those who can’t get time back. E.g. Y6
  5. Transition
We recognise the crucial role our parents have played during school closures, as we return for our summer of reconnection, we will:
  • build upon the strong and respectful relationships we have secured with many of our families through this challenging time
  • provide guidance and support to our families who are struggling as a result of the pandemic
  • reach out to those families that are harder to engage

And, moving forward we will pro-actively:

  • continue to develop our parent/carers knowledge of our curriculum so that they can play an active part in their child(ren)’s learning
  • develop opportunities to further support our parent’s skills with a particular focus upon the use of technology to support learning
  • ahead of 2021 22, develop a “Family Hub” on our site to support our families longer term needs