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Bishop Creighton Academy

Our Rainbow of Brilliant Behaviour

 Throughout the school, pupils are polite, courteous, friendly and welcoming. They show high levels of respect, opening doors for one another and adults. They have a clear understanding of right and wrong and can explain the difference between being rude, mean and bullying.  Ofsted 2018

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Our Rainbow of Brilliant Behaviour: Every child is provided with a small star chart on which they collect set numbers of stars. These are awarded for learning, behaviour, attitude etc. There is an individual star chart for each colour of the rainbow. Once a chart is completed, children earn a coloured ‘Brilliant Behaviour’ wristband which they may wear to school. There are 10 bands to collect. Each class has a Rainbow Chart on their IWB which shows the colour of the rainbow children have achieved. The aim is to get to ‘Gold’ by the end of the academic year. Bronze, silver & gold wristbands only are presented in whole school Celebration assemblies. Please note from Summer 2016, stars will be collected on the class dojo only.

The behaviour policy is applied consistently across the school by all members of staff. Pupils said that both the rainbow wristbands and the card system help them to improve behaviour, and they think the system is fair. Ofsted, Feb 2018 

Red =     25 stars

Orange = 50 stars

Yellow = 75 stars

Green = 100 stars

Blue =   150 stars

Indigo = 200 stars

Violet = 250 stars

Bronze = 500 stars

Silver = 750 stars

Gold = 1000 stars