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Bishop Creighton Academy

Opportunities for STEM

A core group of our teachers have completed the three STEM pathways and are utilising STEM activities within their teaching. Pupils are highly engaged and motivated by the introduction of MineCraft due to its familiarity and gaming nature. Programmable Lego, MakeCode, Micro:Bit and have been introduced to a core group of pupils. All classes have taken part in  an Hour of Code. Children have quickly embraced the technology and relish the opportunity to explore the different applications further whilst creating content for their friends to interact with. This is an area we will continue to develop as we move forward; with a specific focus upon engaging girls and developing critical thinking skills.

We have had immense success with Paint 3D. Children quickly grasped the many features within the program and can now navigate it effectively to create their own 3D models and scenes.


Amazon fulfilment centre visits for Year 4 - 6 taking part in the #amazonfutureengineer program learning about coding & robotics
Year 6 coding using our Micro:Bits. Creating simple games to play! 
Our youngest pupils experiment with Paint 3D