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Bishop Creighton Academy

BCA Superheroes



Our Class Superhero representatives are voted into the role by their classmates. They  are voted in on an annual basis. They are supported by Miss Snell and a team of Year 5/6 Leaders.

To be a Superhero you need to;

  • Care about our academy
  • Want to make our academy even better
  • Understand what is right from wrong
  • Have great or improved behaviour
  •  Respect and listen to the views of others
  • Be able to voice your views clearly

Our BCA Superheroes for 2017.18 are Gustas, Daanish, Alidzhan, Olivia, Artis, Okan, Inês and Shari.

 Issues being discussed by our Superheroes (Autumn 2017);

More toys for playtimes, including small toys not just ball games

Opportunities for more swimming, to include free-time in the pool for having fun

Better use of some areas of our grounds - e.g. weather-proofing our bandstand so it can be used all year round as an undercover area

Support for lonely children on the playground

Organising an after school event before Christmas, such as a Disco

Taking part in Anti-Bullying week 'Odd Sock Day'

Agreeing suitable Year 5&6 pupils to take on further roles to improve learning - a Learning Leader, Sport Leader and Event Leader and some "Wildcards" from across the academy

Making sure everyone knows who the Superheroes are

Making sure everyone knows the new class names for this year!

Our Pupil Voice model is;