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Bishop Creighton Academy

All aboard the Life Education Bus

On Wednesday 15th June Year Five visited the Life Education Bus to learn about keeping healthy, medicines and non-medicines and how to cope with peer pressure.
The first activity was about how our body works. The children found out how many bones there are in the human body (206) how many muscles there are (over 600) and how they work together. They also learnt about the major organs such as the brain, the heart, lungs and the small intestine. It was really impressive to see how many children already had a lot of knowledge about these things.  Timothy and Lisandro really proved to be experts!
After this we explored what the children already knew about drugs. They then divided these between medicines and non-medicines. The children thought the difference was legal and illegal but as Julie (the teacher from the bus) pointed out some of the non-medicine drugs such as alcohol are not illegal. A lot of children showed a very mature attitude during this discussion as well as knowing what to do it they encounter them.
The final part was about how to do deal with peer pressure. For example if a friend tries to get you to smoke. The children discussed how to say know and what strategies they could use to deflect the pressure and then used role play to practice this. Vanesa and Maja were brilliant at this and demonstrated to the whole class how it could be done.

Click here for a gallery of our time on the Life Education Bus.