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Bishop Creighton Academy

Superhero Graduation

Last week, children in Year 5 graduated from their superhero program.

Last week, children in Year 5 graduated from their superhero program. This was a 6 week project with Kamal Hyman. At the start, children were curious about what they needed to achieve to become superheroes. They soon realised that it’s not about looking like a superhero is acting like one. Over the weeks, they developed a range of different skill such as: bravery, resilience and focus. Each week, children had a range of challenging and inspiring missions to complete. Overall, they have learnt that you need a specific set of values in order to accomplish success in life!

Here’s what some children had to say about the project!

Super power- Resilience

When you become older hard things will come your way. That is when you need to be resilient. In the last couple of weeks, children in year 5 have been learning how to become superheroes. We all were curious about what it was. Resilience is never giving up even when things become tough. I had to be resilient when I completing my maths test. Even when I had tough questions I never gave up! Thank you Kamal for all the wonderful skills and values we have learnt. I know we will be amazing superheroes.

Kamal Hyman superhero training

We have invited you to tell all about our tremendous superhero training. Kamal Hyman has taught us all about superheroes and how to be like them. I am going to tell you about it. I am going to talk about a certain week. It was about my superpower. My superpower basically is all the superhero values in one word. Oh no 2 words. My superpower week was about all the things you are good at. In that week we learnt the difference between talents and skills. A talent is something you are naturally good at, whereas a skill is something you have to practise then you can become great at it. Another thing Kamal said was that kindness is really important. He said that if a superhero didn’t have kindness, he would be the same as a super villain. He also mentioned that focus is important. If a superhero didn’t focus, he would not save the day. Example: A superhero sees a friend. He is currently fighting joker (a villain). He waves and says hi. Then he asked his friend “do you want to have a cup of tea?” Meanwhile, the super villain runs away. Not great focusing skills!


Year 5 signing out from BCA, PEACE!