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Bishop Creighton Academy


With a week of multiplication ahead of us, it is time to sharpen and polish our times table skills!

In 3SW, the abbreviation ‘TT Rockstars’ is always met with cheers of excitement as pupils seek opportunity to improve on personal results!  Not only is TT Rockstars a fantastic way to practice timestables but it's also perfect to improve the speed in which you do so. With a week of multiplication in Numeracy ahead of us, I write with news of an exciting competition!
This week all pupils will take part in the ‘3SW TT Rockstars Challenge!!’. The competition will begin at 4pm on Friday afternoon and finish at the same time on the following week. Who can get the most points in a week? Winners from each Maths table will be showered with prizes and the unique opportunity to introduce the learning tool to our Year 6s. This will be an extremely important job with an upcoming TT Rockstars competition in London for 3 of our Year 6s. What a treat after a challenging week of SATS!
Year 3. Prizes have been gathered. Enthusiasm has been sparked. It’s time to become a rock legend! Start your engines…. We’re off! 

Have you tried listening to Rock music as you practice?

This song is recommended by TT Rockstars!