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Bishop Creighton Academy


Year 2 had a visit from Zoolab

Friday afternoon saw our theme Amazing Animals get off to a fantastic start. We had a visit from Zoolab. Barry had bought along with him several different amazing animals for the children to observe and touch. The children were introduced to each animal and were given information about the habitats they live in, what they feel like, some of their habits and what they eat. By the end of the afternoon the children had all learnt alot of new facts. One of the most fascinating ones was about the millipede. We  learnt that millipedes eat the dirty, smelly leaves off the floor of the rain forest and when they go to the toilet it has changed into soil. Tod the toad took aliking to Tom. Each time it was put on the floor it kept hopping back to him. They also got to feel an African Fat Tailed Geko, Corn Snake and a rat. Most of the children were brave enough to touch or hold the animals and it was a fantastic learning experiance for them.