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Bishop Creighton Academy

Plenty of money wrapped up in a five pound note

The children found out how much money was wrapped up in a five pound note.

In the poem The Owl and the Pussycat they took 'some honey and plenty of money wrapped up in a five pound note'.

On Tuesday five pound notes with money inside arrived in the year 2 classroom. The children were really excited and couldn't wait to open the note to see what was inside.

Working in groups of three they opened the note and explored the coins. Each group then had to total up the coins and find out how much money they had been sent. They recorded the amount in thier theme books writing the amount using the £ sign if needed.

This is what the children had to say about their learning:-

I felt excited when Im opened the £5 note to see how much money was in side.  Saira

I liked writing how much money we had. I had to write the pound sign  Ishwa

I loved it and it was really fun. We got to count the money.  Frankie

We counted the money , and it was fun.  Soroush

It was fun. I learnt how to count money. Tom