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Bishop Creighton Academy

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

This week as part of our 'Ticket to Ride' theme, the children having been talking about their own experiences of going to the seaside.

Many children have been to our local beaches of Hunstanton and Skegness, while some children have been very lucky and have been to beaches abroad. No matter where the beach is, we know that they all have sand to dig in which we think is fantastic! There has been lots of talk about beaches and holidays while playing in our sand tray.

We have been painting beach scenes using watercolours.

Click here to see some pictures in our gallery of us busy painting.

Here's what the children said while they were busy painting;

"I have drawn the sea and now some coconuts on the tree like on an island," (Soheib)

"I have drawn the sand, sea, a boat and now a tree. I have been to the seaside on my holidays and on the beach I played football" (Tyler)

"I made the sky, the sunshine, the water, the sand and the people." (Dina)

"At the seaside I went in the sea and I played on the sand. We made a big tunnel and my Grandad helped me. I'm painting a boat"  (Alfie)

"I made the sea and made the sand and now I am making a house. I went to the funfair at the seaside it was good" (Ishwa)