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Bishop Creighton Academy

Museum visit

Today we visited Peterborough museum for a step back in time to the Jurassic period!

We were all so excited this morning as we went on our second school trip. Today we walked to the museum and had a very exciting morning being palaeontologists.

Once we got there we climbed the stairs to the Jurassic gallery. There was a very large glass cabinet in the middle of the room with skeletons of a Jurassic crocodile and an Ichthyosaur inside. We were amazed at the size of them and just how many bones made up the skeleton! Did you know that Peterborough was under water 150 million years ago?!

We all got to touch and hold an ammonite fossil as well as a plesiosaur bone. The ammonite was very heavy and we all loved feeling the spiral.

"It's very rock hard" said Ellis

"It's a bit cold" said Michelle

"It goes round and round" said Kyle

After holding the fossils we became palaeontologists! We were given a small box with a fossil, magnifying glasses, notepad and pencils. We had to carefully study the fossil and then use clues in the gallery to find out which creature it belonged to. We were very good detectives and managed to get them all right!

Before going back to school we got very creative with lumps of clay. We all made our own ammonite, crocodile or plesiosaur with the clay then decorated a plate with blue tissue paper 'water' to sit them on to. We all had such great fun with the clay and were amazed that it turned our hands grey! We're hoping to get some clay to make more things with at school as it was such good fun.

We all had such a fantastic time at the museum. Whoever said museums were boring clearly hasn't been to Peterborough museum! A huge thank you to Carol at the museum and to Charlie and Caitlin's mummies for coming on the trip with us.