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Bishop Creighton Academy

Mad about minibeasts!

Our final topic is entitled 'Mad about minibeasts' and will see us investigating the fascinating world of minibeasts!

We started the week on Monday morning by searching the school grounds for minibeasts. In groups we set off with cameras, pots and clip boards and tried to find as many minibeasts as we could. For some of us it wasn't very long until we spotted our first minibeast. Excited, we took photos and drew what we had found. Some of the minibeasts were carefully put into a pot for further investigation back in the classroom.


   While out hunting we spotted lots of these, but we couldn't decide what they were! Once we got back inside, we decided that an internet search would be the best option to help us discover what it was. We talked about how a search engine works. Initially we tried "bug" in the images search. This showed us thousands of images which we quickly established was not very helpful to us. After some discussion we came up with "black and orange striped bug" which quickly brought up the image above and told us that we had found the larvae of the multicoloured Asian lady beetles!